This is British Columbia

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Japanese execution by ISIS
Target’s Closure
Ms. Canada in the Universe pagent

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Lone individuals being targeted by robbers in Surrey

By Young Jo

The RCMP officers in Surrey have warned the public as an increasing number of robberies that have been targeting individuals in the evening for electronic devices.

Since December 2014, there have been over 20 similar robberies have been reported all across Surrey. The robberies have usually been occuring in the evening to early morning hours (7:00pm – 3:00am), and electronic devices, phones, and cash are the primary targets.

The robbers are known to hunt after lone individuals in groups of 2 to 5, and use intimidation tactics with even weapons being produced to make the victim give up their possessions.

Sgt. Dale Carr explains that “The suspects are generally described as young males, in their 20’s, with thin builds, traveling in groups, generally on foot”. Luckily, there are no reports of any serious injuries to any of the involved victims so far.

If anyone has any information regarding the robberies, they can contact the Surrey RCMP Robbery Section, or contact Crime Stoppers, if one wishes to stay anonymous.

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Have 3 ideas

Needs to be happening. Can’t be social thing, but an event. Keep ideas simple.

Requires 2 people interviews. 50 words, and published on blog.

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Pedestrian Collision in Langley’s first fatal accident of 2015

By Young Jo

A pedestrian was fatally struck by a pickup truck in Langley, making it the first fatal accident of 2015.

Around 9:20 on January 15th, a distraught man called the police to notify an accident on the 5700 block of 240th Street. An unidentified 54 year year old male was struck by an F350 pickup truck.

Cpl. Holly Marks explains that “There are no street lights in the area and it was particularly dark night given the light rain falling at the time”.

The 24 year old driver and a few citizens around the scene attempted to conduct CPR to resuscitate his heart until the ambulance arrived, but the pedestrian has been pronounced as deceased at the hospital.

Intoxication and speeding are not believed to be a factor.

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